Best Bike U Lock Holder

With so many Bike U Lock Holder brands like Kryptonite, ValueMax, TwoFish, Schwinn, SIGTUNA, Titanker, PENTAGON, Seatylock, oopsmark, it can be tough to pick the right one.

Picking the Best Bike U Lock Holder is hard. So, PrimelyOutdoor team have done the hard part for you. Let’s see which one will be better for you.

Here are the list of top 5 Bike U Lock Holder:

Best bike u lock holder

Kryptonite Transit Flexframe-U Bicycle Bracke

  • Mounts quickly and easy
  • Supports the transportation of the most common size u-locks
  • Compatible with 13mm & 16mm round shaped shackles
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATIONxa0allows for the ability to micro-adjust
  • Heavy-dutyxa0SOFT STRAP SYSTEMxa0contours to bike frame
  • Product dimensions: Fits bicycle frame tubing 25mm to 80mm whether round, oval, triangular or square shapes
  • Unique 360 degree rotation provides the ability to micro-adjust the lock angle to better fit and align with a bike frame’s specific geometry
  • Mounts quickly and easily and supports the transportation of the most common u-lock sizes.
  • Fits bicycle frame tubing 25mm to 80mm
  • Automotive grade hex bolt
  • Knurled TugBlock increases holding power
  • Strap that includes stiched-in rubber shim-easier for mounting
  • Works with 13mm to 16mm lock shackle sizes

ValueMax 17mm Heavy Duty Bike U-Lock with Stu

  • 【Durability & Strength】 High quality material consists of steel and silicone with attributions of sturdiness and water-proof. U-lock can endure both low and high temperature from -9.4℉~ 158℉.
  • 【Anti-theft】 Sturdy, durable, extremely secure u-lock discourages most thevies and crimes from your properties, resisting leverage attacks, providing excellent anti-theft performance.
  • 【Accessory set】 A screw, a bracket (u-lock holder) and two keys work together as an accessory set provide a good place for U-lock storage on an item. Four installation steps are : Insert the strap into the back hole of the bracket; Fix the bracket on the bike tube by the strap; Tighten the screw into the the screw slot of the strap; Place the lock on the bracket and tie up.
  • 【Multiple-scene application】 This U-lock applies to multiple objectives like bicycle/motorcycle/electric vehicle/iron door/glass door. A helper on property protection with cost-effective value.
  • 【Dimensions】 The u-lock body diameter is 11/16’’ for a better anti-cutting function. The u-lock size equals L 4-3/8’’ x W 1-1/4’’ x H 8-1/4’’, INTERIOR LOCK SPACE equals 2-1/2’’ x 6-1/4’’. The gross weight of the whole lock set is 2 lbs.

TwoFish Lockblocks U-Lock Mount

  • Package length: 7.8 cm
  • Package width: 17.2 cm
  • Package height: 4.0 cm
  • Product Type: LOCK

Schwinn Anti Theft Bike Lock, Security Level

  • U-lock helps you store your bike more securely
  • Durable steel U-lock withstands 5,000 of cutting force for maximum theft deterrence
  • Vinyl cover on both U-Lock and cable allows for scratch free, weather resistant locking
  • Includes mounting bracket for easy storage and transport
  • Includes 2 keys

SIGTUNA Bike Locks – 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock w

  • PROTECT YOUR RIDE ✅: This awarded SIGTUNA Bike U-lock is made of 16MM High-Performance Steel for Extensive Holding Power and Resistance against Cut and Leverage attacks with a wapping 85/100 Security Rating. Get the best security available and protect your ride with Sigtuna Locks!
  • CHOOSE POWER ✅: This Bike Lock Combination has a High-Security Disc-Style Cylinder and Double Deadbolt locking mechanism, very effective and certified against Leverage Attacks. With SIGTUNA you make the right choice and give thieves no chance!
  • EASY-TO-USE ✅: This model SIGTUNA Bike Lock Combination comes with a Easy-to-Install Bike Lock Mount, a Protective Coating to protect your bikes paint and not 2, but 3 Laser-Cut Abloy Keys. With this lock you get Security AND Convenience!
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ✅: If this U-lock is not the favorite you ever owned – some say it is heavy, but that means quality – just send it back and get a 100% refund. SIGTUNA stands for its products. Our customers love that, we know you will too!
  • ORDER YOURS NOW u200e✅: Click “Add to Cart” NOW to get your 16mm SIGTUNA Bike U lock with 1200mm Flex Cable + Mount Bracket tomorrow and give your Bike the Love it deserves.

Kryptonite Transit H-Bar U Lock Handlebar Bic

  • Fits the majority of u-locks on the market
  • Compatible with handlebars 22mm – 32mm
  • Patent pendingxa02-POINT LOCK HOLDERxa0provides additional support for the lock while in transit
  • HOOK-N-LOOP STRAPSxa0stabilizes lock
  • Product dimensions: Fits crossbars 20-50mm and shackles 10-24mm
  • Product weight: .25 lbs (.11 kgs)
  • Fits the majority of u-locks on the market
  • Compatible with handlebars 22mm – 32mm
  • Patent pending 2-point lock holder provides additional support for the lock while in transit
  • Hook-n-Loop straps stabilizes lock

Titanker U Lock Bike Lock, Heavy Duty Keys Bi

  • Heavy duty bike lock provide your bike with more safety: 14.7mm heavy duty locks which is made of 13mm hardened steel and solid zinc alloy & 1.7mm PVC coating. Then it can resist your lock from hand tool’s cutting & leverage attacks, and provide your bike more safety.
  • PVC coating & dust cover: The whole lock is covered by quality PVC material coating for keeping your bike lock from scratching rusting and great appearance.
  • Free transportation bracket: Come with a free high-quality mounting bracket holder for easy transportation. Our bracket is suitable for bike circular tube:20-40mm, please measure diameter of your bike circular tube before placing an order. You could refer to our instruction to install the bracket.
  • Convenience and security: With keys design, no worry about forgetting your password combination.
  • What you can get: The security bike u lock which comes with 12mm*4feet steel cable and mounting bracket.

PENTAGON Bike U Lock Mount Holder – Multi Ang

  • ULTIMATE FRAME MOUNT FOR PENTAGON D LOCKS – Pro Heavy Duty Durable Holder for ULocks. Secure Portable Mounted Carrier for U-Lock Theft Prevention Systems on e-bikes. Trust this Strong Safety Accessory
  • UNIQUE MULTI ANGLE 360 FIT FOR EASY PLACEMENT – Device Fits Low or High on Frame. Attachment Goes Over or Under Handlebars. Change or Switch it Up Quick! Slide & Attach Fast with Ease Anywhere on Frame
  • CLASSIC MASTER KIT WITH ADJUSTABLE TOOLS – Accessories Set & Tools Included for Best Fit. Screws Links Clamps Straps & Clips for Safe Rattle Free Anti Theft Guard & Ride. Specialized for Cycle Safety
  • WATERPROOF WEATHERPROOF TOUGH PROTECTION – Professional Water Dirt Weather Rust Rain & Element Proof Equipment for Theft Deterrents. Corrosion Resistant Holster for Outdoor & Urban Use for Standard & Electric Bikes
  • SUPER FLEXIBLE SMART DESIGN – Ultra Universal Shape Covers Standard 25 – 60MM Tubes. Easy Install & Adjust for Flex Protection. Cool Combination of Style & Security for Secure Cycling

SeatyLock Bike U Lock Mount Holder – Heavy Du

  • PRO FRAME MOUNT FOR SEATYLOCK MASON MODELS ONLY – Ultimate Combination of Cool Style & Heavy Duty Security. Professional Durable Lock Carrier Equipment for U-Locks. Ultra Strong Mounted Lock Holder
  • FULL ATTACHMENT KIT WITH ADJUSTABLE ACCESSORIES – Master Set with Specialized Tools Clamps Clips Straps & Screws for Best Install & Universal Fit. Lightweight Lock Protector for Break Prevention Systems
  • FLEXIBLE FIT FOR FREESTYLE PLACEMENT – Portable ULock Mount Fits Under or Over Handlebars, High or Low on Frame & Adjusts with Ease. Switch & Change Up! Slide & Attach Fast on Cycle for Quick Free Use
  • UNIQUE SMART DESIGN FOR QUIET RIDE – Cut the Rattle! Super Quiet Anti Rattle Mounting Bracket for Electric Ebikes E-bikes Mountain & Standard Bikes Scooters or Motorcycles for Silent Biking Gear
  • EASY INSTALL YET SAFE & SECURE – Easy to Install Tough Tool for Weatherproof Water Proof Element Rust & Corrosion Resistant Attack Protection . Holster Guard for Outdoor & Urban Cycling Theft Deterrents

U-Lock Holster for Kryptonite Bicycle Locks;

  • The U-Lock Holster is the solution to every cyclist’s biggest biking problem: How to safely and securely carry a bike lock. Tucked away behind your saddle, this leather holster absorbs shock while riding, for a quiet and secure mount of Kryptonite and other U-locks. Easily attaches to your seat’s tabs (if you don’t have saddle loops, we sell them HERE) . This versatile holder also attaches to front baskets or rear pannier racks.
  • FIT: Fits most U-Locks 4.5″ – 5.5″ (11.4cm – 14cm) wide, no more than 5.5 lbs (2kg) Attaches to saddles that have metal tabs (ex: Brooks saddle). Distance between seat and frame must be longer than your lock. The maximum distance between attachment points is 14.6″ (37cm). Does NOT work with Kryptonite NEW YORK Locks
  • HANDMADE: in our Montreal workshop, with ethically sourced genuine vegetable tanned leather. Our leather is custom tanned for outdoor use.

Best bike u lock holder Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the Best Bike U Lock Holder, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is what your needs are. What do you want from the product? Something that is easy to use?

You can start looking at different products once you know what you need. Read reviews to see what other people think about them. See if the product has any awards or accolades.

Be cautious when choosing a product. Make sure you find the right one for you by taking your time. You’ll be sure to get the most out of your purchase.

1) Does the Best Bike U Lock Holder fit your needs?

Second, think about whether or not you can afford the item. It’s important to stay within your budget.

2) Can you afford the product?

First, you should consider what you need the product for. Is it the right size? Does it have the features you’re looking for?

3) The reputation of the company: This is probably the most important factor to consider. Research the company online, read reviews and testimonials and see what others have to say about their products.

4) Brand name: One final factor to keep in mind is brand name recognition. In general, more well-known brands tend to charge more for their products. However, they also tend to be more reliable and offer better customer service.

5) Quality of the product: Your first priority should always be the quality of the product. It is advisable to read online reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations.

6) Warranties and guarantees: They show that the company is confident in its product and willing to stand behind it.

7) Customer service: Good brands will have responsive and helpful customer service available in case you have any problems with your purchase.

8) Ease of use: The Best Bike U Lock Holder should be easy to use.

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