5 Hiking Safety Tips

If you make a shortlist of a few exciting outdoor recreational activities, then I can assure you that hiking will be in your shortlist. Yes! Hiking is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities.

Although hiking is one of the most enjoyable activities, it has some drawbacks too. There are some risks too along with the excitement. So, before going hiking, one should keep some safety precautions in mind.

This article is dedicated to all the hikers, especially beginners who is planning to go hiking. So, don’t feel bored to go through my article if you are a newbie.

Hiking Safety Tips

1. Make proper plans

A successful plan and execution will make the whole hiking more enjoyable. A successful plan cover some important points.

At first, determine where to go and when. It is very important to determine the spot and the time you will go on the hike. Always make sure that you are going and returning in the day time when sunlight is available. It is easier to follow the trails under the sun-light and the risk of wild animals in also low.

Another important thing is to check the weather forecasting before getting out. A very hot day or rainy day may become the reason of your utter harassment. Try to go on hiking in friendly weather.

2. Take all the essential gears

After planning everything you need to take the essentials with you. The essential gears include a map, GPS, firestarter, Candle, pocket knife, torch-light, food(extra), cloths, drinking water, water purification tablets, first aid kits, sunglass and so on.

Take all these essentials and also feel free to take anything extra if you need it. Pack a bit extra everything according to the amount of time you will spend, especially foods and clothes with you. It will be able to make your survival ability longer in harsh situations.

The important thing that you should keep in mind that, you need to bring the survival gear according to the weather. For example, You should not take a sweater on a hot summer day.

3. Don’t forget to bring your buddy

It does not matter how much experienced you are and how many times you have done hiking, there is always the possibility of an accident. In order to avoid the harsh experience of an accident, you should take a friend with you. At least you will get help from him and also he can ask anyone to help you in a critical situation.

However, it is best to go hiking in a group. You will get help from your group and will be able to prevent dangerous situations. Traveling in a group is also more enjoyable and makes your nerve strong. So, always try to stay in your group if you are traveling in a group.

4. Know your limits

well! as you are going to a place where people do not use to go often, that’s why you should be always careful. There may be lots of restriction and you should care about it.

Without it, you need to keep in mind about the conditions of where you are trekking – terrain, weather, geographic and topographic. Ask yourself where you are going. Are you going to climb up huge and slippery hills or is there any possibility to get drenched in a monsoon or of bitten by sandflies? Know everything and prepare yourself according to them.

5. Let your family know about you and your trails

While you are going on hiking, it is very important to let your family know about you and your hiking place. Because, Whenever you are going on hiking, you never know what is waiting for you ahead and you may have an accident. While accident your GPS or phone battery may run out. At this time, your family may come ahead if they do not get any response from you after a long time. This trick can help you to get out of a tough condition.


  • Try to arrange a small trial hike before going on a major hike.
  • If you are a newbie than try to go to a commonplace like a park. You will get hiking experience which will be helpful for your next hiking in a big hiking place
  • Note down all the emergency numbers of nearby forests or police officers.


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